Alyssia Schröder


Hey guys! What a cutie pie you are to visit my page! About me? I'm Alyssia, and I love to perform and write songs. I had my first piano lessons before I got into school and my first gig before I could really talk, it was a little gibberish but quite cute I guess. But what really counts are the performances with my own songs, and I am lucky enough to had some chances to do so. But, you know, I miss the stage like crazy. And I decided that music is my profession, so I'm on my way to make that hobby into something to might even make money with. Most of my songs are in english, but I'm a native german speaker. It's harder to write in german, actually, so I just have a few songs in german (and just one or two actually recorded). I produced my first CD when I was 12 for my father's birthday. Quite a mess, but again, kinda cute. So I started with music production with Cubase, now I'm working with Logic. Till now I produce myself, which I enjoy, but it's not easy getting a song really done when you're sharing an apartment with four other people. So, feel free to message me, to listen to my songs and I hope, you have a beautiful day! Check out my YouTube-Channel: Vote for my song Still They Stay!