Ok where do I start, I'm bangin on 60 much to my amusement, some said I'd never make 30 due to lifestyle choice. So I had to balance the world of illusion we're sold from birth, working in financial markets and media or pursuing my passion - Music. I couldn't balance so I jacked the six figure salaries in and although it took a few years, loving my life for the last twenty doing what I love. Sung just about every genre there is, I'm not gonna list but you get the idea. Brought up on Beatles, Kinks, The Move, Stones, Soul and Motown on Radio Luxembourg, Radio Caroline, moved to London in 77 and enjoyed the Punk and New Wave, 80's was flat out working but Sweden was refreshing and got into some good artists over there. 90's Sparklehorse, Pavement, Beta Band, Royal Trux, that sorta thing, was in a Soul band at the time so that has had it's influence. Not gonna drop names here but have worked with some lovely people cult and mainstream who most people would know. So rather than sticking to one time, one genre I'm sticking it all together these days, so among the mayhem you might hear a genre pop its head up, then bugger off again. I detest the word fusion for some reason, perhaps it's the consonants, but begrudgingly I have no words. This makes it really difficult to put on a website or something that wants you to list a genre. Anyway, hope that what useful as an intro. I live in Brighton, love being given others work to produce which after I've done it, doesn't always translate back. They know its a gamble with me but my ego is microscopic so if they don't like what I've done they know it's cool to say, but we always work together taking in their suggestions, you gotta start somewhere.