Al Briggs


I work second shift mon thru fri for now. I like many types of music. I know a lot of songs and can learn quickly. If you want perfection on covers then I’m not really your guy. Even covering I prefer to put my own touch in there. Not that it will be unrecognizable or anything but I have a style and cannot copy nor do I want to copy something exact. I love punk and classical rock. I can play ragtime too. Blind Arthur Blake is one of my favs. I love working together and am very open minded to creating. I have about 10 originals that I really love. Let’s mesh.






What is music to you? What does it give you?

Music frees my soul from this absurd world. It has always been with me. My mom is an excellent pianist and she got me a guitar when I was 15. Music is so fun! I love seeing those smiles. I can play Looking Out My Back Door by CCR among many others.