4WARD is a heavy metal solo project conceived and brought to life by Ken ‘Krazyfingers’ Parent from Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada. Ken a multi-talented guitarist/instrumentalist, producer and recording engineer who built his name by forging a solid foundation in hard rock with heavy metal influences by crafting his original sound that he displays through several combinations of styles in the past 25 years of his active participation in the music business. Some of his proudest moments come by being invited to play live on stages with the likes of Foreigner and Grand Funk Railroad as an opening act, along with several upcoming Canadian Rock artists. In 2012, he was hired to play on the Western Canada tour for the theatrical heavy metal act THOR. It all started at the young age of 6 years old, when his mother encouraged his musical curiosity by purchasing a guitar for him. Since then, the guitar has become his passion instrument of choice, but he has learned to play several instruments along the way. In 1996 Ken attended Cambrian College (Cambrian College), where he acquired classical training and structured his skills. While being a rocker at heart, his classical background, mixed with his free spirited shredding technique, allowed him to blend everything from Blues to Metal. He created his own 'Shredtastic' style, which would eventually become recognized. in 2004, in Kelowna, BC, he began hosting the Open Jam Nights at The Greatful Fed. His amazing talent and undeniable skills brought him various gigs here and there, which made him known as the ‘Guitarded Shredder’ on the local music scene. And the ‘Krazyfingers’ name was born. From there, he moved his vision to Vancouver, BC, to pursue his passion with greater exposure. A simple Craig's List advertisement, which he'd posted in search of a vocalist to collaborate on his project, was answered by talented vocalist Tyler Nickerson (previous band name should be added here for Tyler) and 4WARD was officially started. Throughout the years, ‘Krazyfingers’ played in various Canadian venues, collaborated with local, upcoming artists and shared his music with many. With the hopes of finding like-minded future permanent 4WARD band members - they came... and they went, mostly just due to the fact that everyone didn’t always share the same vision. Therefore, they moved onward and Krazyfingers moved 4WARD. It is truly amazing to see ‘Krazyfingers’ keep his 4WARD project, his vision, his dream alive for so long on his own while honing his distinct style and constantly evolving and developing his skills. Ken has quite an impressive music resume and some of the highlights are as such: * He has worked as a session musician at the multi-million recording facility at the Vancouver Film School where he developed a wide knowledge of skills in the recording studio, * He has been a private guitar instructor, * He has had the distinct honor of teaching a summer music camp with 40 kids for the Ontario Arts Counsel, * He composed, played all instruments, and produced an EP for ROCKHARD & Co. in 2013 Ken’s main focus these days is to get more press and promotions done while he records new songs for the upcoming release new 4WARD album coming out in 2016, 4WARD websites: http://www.numberonemusic.com/4ward http://www.reverbnation.com/4wardmusic https://twitter.com/krazyfingers http://4ward.bandcamp.com/album/4ward https://www.facebook.com/4wardrock 4WARD Merch Store Link: http://4ward.dizzyjam.com/ ENDORSEMENTS ‘Krazyfingers’ of 4WARD is endorsed by New York based guitar pick-ups & guitar parts company Guitarheads. With songs on over 600 radio station playlists & digitally distributed in 52 countries on iTunes, X Box Music, Amazon, Tunecore and a multitude of other prominent digital download sites. With this it has open 4WARD fan base far and wide. 4WARD currently in top chart national & global on two major music sites ( Reverbnation & Number One Music) 5 4WARD tracks are also licensed to Burnhamwood Production LTD for a UK based upcoming blockbuster Horror Film. Due to be released in mid 2016. Ken uses Guitarheads pickups and parts, Ibanez Jem & OLP guitar's ,GTX bass, GHS strings, Ibanez, Marshall, Roland and Ampeg Amps , Boss and Line6 Effects Pedals, Cakewalk Sonar Producer X-1 recording platform, Shure and Apex microphones. Toontracks EZ Drummer, Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube Metal, T Rack, Dunlop picks, Fender stands, Planet Wave cables, Ernie Ball stings, Fast Fret, Groove Factory. Krazyfingers proudly wears Rock N Roll Gang Star Apparel www.rockandrollgangstar.com Testemonials “4WARD featuring Kenneth(Krazyfingers) Parent . 4WARD is an all out assault on the musical senses . On songs like Unholy Tyrant / Bane, Kenny unleashes his mastery of the guitar with blistering lead playing & beautiful crafted melodic phrasing. If you need something to add to your playlist , Ken's music is definitely worth checking out .” - Frank Gregor, Metal-Shop Pedal -Boards “Ralph Shephard Director at Burnhamwood Productions Ltd When you've heard Kens guitar warfare you have to have a lie down, or eat cake...have a double scotch or a hot curry. His music has real presence, and I say that amidst a guitar arena, which for the most part is often 'Samey' and predictable. Apart from that....I like Ken. He deserves to go far. He's reliable, affable, extremely friendly, charming and polite. I would recommend his tremendous, vibrant skills and musical passion to anyone. It has been a huge honour to have Krazyfingers on board with our bold and exciting movie project. With best wishes, Ralph Shephard” - Burnhamwood Productions Ltd United Kingdome “Love the music...Very professional and original...A pleasure to listen to” - Rocky Rogers, fan “Ken Krazyfingers paves his own way and follows nobody's footsteps. The music is totally original and fits perfectly with the lyrics. We keep hearing that rock and roll is a feeling, right? Krazyfingers inhabited that feeling