Norwegian couple based in Tønsberg, Norway who loves to create music. We never know how the next song will be or wich genre:) We produce, play almost every instruments, writes the lyrics and so on. We do it in our homestudio and send every finished song to the U.S for the mix and master



How did you get together as a band?

We got introduced to each others through a mutual friend on facebook. He knew we were both single, interested in music and wanted to make something of our selves. It sure worked ;-)

What is music to you?

Music is all! You just know that you are on the right path when you wake up with a flute solo in your head and just need to record it right away.

What is the meaning of the band’s name?

We are a duo............and a band..........a small one, but still a band LOL

What is your band to you? Each member can write their own answer

Our band means the world to us. We have been a producing couple for nearly 5 years, have the same interests, and love to make music in many different styles.

What is your music about and what message do you want to send with it?

We live in Norway. Norway is a small country, in fact, the whole country would fit in a toilet at LAX airport in Los Angeles, and we are about to show the whole world that great music can aspire from a nation for the most part committed to winter sports and succer!

What inspires you to make music?

It`s diversity. Music is love. Music is feelings. Music is everything. Who does NOT listen to music?

Which musicians or bands have influenced your music?

Abba, James Taylor, Kansas, Wishbone Ash, The carpenters...

What have you learnt from each other that you didn’t know before joining this band?

We have learnt to be more patient and that there are more than just one perspective to the aspect of making music.

What is the feeling during a live show?

To do a live show gives us a high. High on life, we would say. The feeling of our fans contacting us after a gig wanting to ask questions about our latest productions, and how they came about.

What do you dream of?

Taking our show out of Norway, and play for a bigger crowd.

What does it take for a band to get their music heard by a larger audience?

Determination, and the will to never give up. Submitting music to radio stations around the globe, and always keep the door open to collaborations with other musicians, if that is a goal.

How do you see the musicians’ reality nowadays? What could be improved?

We can only speak for the reality for musicians here in Norway, and as long as succer idiots have more money to promote their hobby (and the media is on their side), it is very difficult to be heard.

What do you think of Drooble?

Drooble rocks!

What does frustrate you most as a band?

To never get feedback on our music from our fellow country people. The feedback from elsewhere on the planet has been great, but for some crazy reason norwegian people are not at all enthusiastic or committed.

Do you support your local scene as fans? How?

Difficult question. We try to create a dynamic music scene of local artist, we share what we can on social media, and even invite local musicians to join in on our projects.